Warlock’s Bounty (Android app) review

I’m having a bit of an Android app session.  I’ve already reviewed the excellent Pirates and Traders and now I’m going to review Warlock’s Bounty. 

I like gamebooks (I hope you noticed).  I like Magic the Gathering (I consider Mark Rosewater to be my creativity guru and still read his articles despite not having played MTG for a few years) so when I heard that there would be an Android app which is a gamebook where the player fights combats using cards in a style similar to Magic the Gathering, I jumped for joy.  Throw in the fact that the gamebook part is written by Jonathon Green and we’re onto a winner.
The app in question is Warlock’s bounty and you can get a free demo of it or buy the full game for £1.69.  What a bargain.

I loved the game.  You fight combat with a set of cards that you have.  These cards have weapons, armour or spells.  You have five cards available to you in your ‘hand’ and you may play one a turn.  Your opponent does likewise. 

You have a large variety of cards from cards that summon creatures to cards that curse opponents, reducing their damage, cards that cause damage either through physical or magical means, cards that drain your opponent’s mana, cards that protect you and many other cards with many other effects. 

The gamebook part of it is there largely to serve the combat with the choices you make determining what kind of spells or equipment you can pick up and you will need them as your opponents get stronger and have more powerful spells. 

The illustrations and sound effects add to the atmosphere of the book, immersing you in its world and making it an excellent gaming experience. 

So go and play Warlock’s Bounty for Android.  You can download a free demo here  or buy the full game for a mere £1.69.


10 thoughts on “Warlock’s Bounty (Android app) review

  1. Tried the demo and loved it so much I brought the full version, if you loved the choose your own adventure books as a child you'll love this.
    The card combat is great too, 10/10.


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