Goblin’s Bounty

Sorry for the delay, folks, but I have some breaking news to report!

What’s going on in the gamebook world?  Goblin’s Bounty, that’s what!

Here are some links: 

Goblin’s bounty from Attic Squad – http://www.atticsquad.com/devblog/2012/11/9/new-announcement-goblins-bounty-gamebook.html

Attic Squad homepage:

Goblin’s Bounty on Facebook

Warlock’s Bounty on Google Play (full or lite version) – get it!

Ashton’s blog


One thought on “Goblin’s Bounty

  1. Hi !
    I tried Warlock's Bounty, but I actually hate. The idea seems good but is far too random for my taste.
    BTW. Is there any way to discard cards? In every card game is possible. In this particular game is a must.


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