April A to Z – E is also for Eric Chaussin

Hi all!  Today, we have Eric Chaussin, who has created some great illustrations for Advanced Fighting Fantasy based illustrations.  You can see them at his blog, here.

How did you get into Fighting Fantasy?
I discovered Fighting Fantasy in 1987, with the gamebook of The Warlock of Firetop Mountain. I enjoyed very much. So, I have tried to have the others books.

What kind of art do you use for your inspiration?
None, I use my imagination and I have my europeen medieval inspiration (for armours, weapons, clothes…). Russ Nicholson influenced my way of drawing, because his illustrations were the first I saw in Fantasy.

What are your plans for Advanced Fighting Fantasy?
With Fighting Fantasy in french, I plan to illustrate the Out of the Pit. I hope drawing for Advanced Fighting Fantasy because I had a contact with Graham Bottley and he seems to be interested, but, from now, nothing is done. I illustrated an adventure in the Fanzine Fighting Fantazine issue 13, but it is not yet published. 

Have you done anything else for gamebooks as well as illustrate?
For now, I haven’t do anything but I hope it will be maybe one day.

What would you like to illustrate for?
I would like illustrate supplements of Advanced Fighting Fantasy et maybe some floors plans, paper miniatures, for role playing games. I appreciate Fantasy but I can illustrate too Sci-Fi.

What future projects have you got coming up?
I will illustrate some monsters in the french version of Out of the Pit. A Ulule (Kickstarter french) is about to financiate Titan and I’m the creater of the Magic cards. I would like to continue to draw for Fighting Fantazine. For the future, I don’t know yet.

So there we go.  Have a look at Eric’s blog.


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