Inkle Games

Inkle Games are doing some awesome stuff with gamebooks at the moment!

How to Appreciate Retro Games

While I’m trying to get the next post for my Wargaming series up to my own personal standards (I want to show how the games are appealing to strategy fans, how they work, a demo of play, as well as a solid free example of the genre – not easy tasks for me), here are some games that have grabbed my attention recently, and I strongly recommend for readers of my blog.

“Steve Jackson’s SORCERY! Parts 1-4”
Founded in 2011 by two Cambridge game developers who have a passion for storytelling, as well as coupling said stories with beautiful designs, this company’s entire game catalog has utterly captured my time and imagination. They have developed their own technology for creating the most immersive interactive stories I’ve ever played, and have made said games available on Android, Kindle Fire, and Apple devices (and this makes me happy, because as…

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