Forthcoming Interactive Fiction Events

These Heterogenous Tasks

The judging period of IF Comp has two weeks remaining; it seems like a good time, before it’s over and we get down to dissecting the results, to remember that the Comp isn’t the only event in the IF calendar, and that this is a Very Good Thing.

No institution can be all things to all people. The Comp’s rules and expectations will work for some authors and be utterly horrible for others. Some authors aren’t ready for the pressure of the Comp, and would do better in gentler events; some can’t abide (or have practical reasons against) the ban on author discussion; some just don’t like the idea of game rankings. Fortunately, we’re well-supplied with alternatives at the moment.

Ectocomp is a light-hearted Halloween game-jam event: all games must be made in three hours. It has 10-point voting, but judges are more likely to go easy. The games are out now!


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