Want to write for Fighting Fantazine?

Hello all!  Hopefully, if you read this blog, you will be aware of Fighting Fantazine, a wonderfully crafted fanzine which has gone from strength to strength, and is now branching out to cover even more gamebook series (there will be a Lone Wolf adventure in it).

Well, you can now write for it.  We are always on the lookout for articles related to gamebooks, reviews of gamebooks, new gamebook adventures (most are about 200 sections), Advanced fighting Fantasy scenarios and art.  Alex always loves an artist.  Have a look at the zines yourself to see what is needed.

It also has a news section which has grown with the revival of gamebooks.  It takes a lot of time to go through all of the gamebook related sites and see what new releases there are, then write them up.  However, if there were more people, who only needed to look at a few websites each, then it would really make the job a lot easier.  No one would have to spend much time on the process of looking at 5 websites and writing up the gamebook release news.

So, ways of contributing include:

Fighting Fantasy fan works (around 200 sections)
Reviews of gamebooks.
Advanced Fighting Fantasy scenarios
Offers to collect news from a few websites

So, if you want to contribute to this popular gamebook establishment, email Alex Ballangall, the editor at editor@fightingfantazine.co.uk.

Happy gamebooking!

from Lloyd of Gamebooks http://ift.tt/10OT1Pn


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