Legend of the Wayfarer – new abilites

Hello all,

As I expected, I had to change the rules to Legend of the Wayfarer as I wrote more books. The main change came with the abilities. I knew when I started that I was going to add more abilities, but I just wasn’t sure what they were. For a moment, I increased the number of abilities from 6 to 18, but now I have it down to 12. The abilities are:

Combat:  This ability covers the act of fighting, whether unarmed, or with weapons.  It also covers ranged combat and grappling.

Roguery:  This ability covers the talents of larceny – picking pockets, picking locks, sneaking around, looking for a weak spot to enter etc. 

Athletics:  This ability covers physical activities – running, climbing, swimming and many other things.

Insight:  This measures your level of knowledge of the world and also how good you are at perceiving things.

Psychic:  This ability is a measure of your intuition and your sensitivity to the supernatural and spiritual goings on in this world.  With training, you can harness your psychic talent to influence the world around you.

Social:  This ability covers anything that involves working with other people, whether it is selling goods, bribing them, intimidating them or making an impassioned speech.

Magick:  The ability to bend the tides of fate to your will and to better understand arcane language and to cast magical spells and rituals. If you have the magick ability, you may spend 3 will points to reroll any fate die.

Survival:  The ability to find food and shelter in most terrains and the knowledge of the animals that live there. A character with the survival ability is also able to identify healing plants and use them. If you have the survival ability, you are able to use plants to make healing preparations. This means you may spend 3 will points to restore 3 vitality points. Survival does not cover perception outside (covered by insight) or the ability to get across tough terrain (covered by athletics).

Alchemy:  The ability to use various minerals to make different substances. If you have the alchemy ability, you are able to use minerals to make dangerous substances such as acid and firepowder. If you have the alchemy ability, you may spend 3 will points to inflict 3 damage to an opponent as a ranged attack. This attack ignores armour.

Mysticism:  This ability gives the character a better sense of the energies holding beings together. It allows characters to have some limited power over the fae and spirits of the world when warding them.  If you have the mystic ability and you win a round in a contest of will, your opponent loses 1 extra will point (usually 3 points instead of 2).

Tactics:  The ability to excel in situations that involve the character to read opponents, exploit their weaknesses and organise allies. If you have the tactics ability, if you are wearing no armour, your armour score is 1. Also, you damage score is 1 higher than normal.

Pathfinding: The ability to navigate and use vehicles and animals for travelling. A character with the pathfinding is able to work on ships and ride most common mounts and use carts and carriages. They are also less likely to get lost.

from Lloyd of Gamebooks http://ift.tt/19QioEG


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