April A to Z – Y is for Yet more gamebook goodness from Yulia

Hello all! We have Yuliya from the Adventure Cow project, a team that has been working on helping people make interactive stories and has also been making the Destiny Quest app, Destiny Quest Infinite.

Here she is…

How is the Adventure Cow project going?It’s going pretty well overall. We’re on track to release the last and biggest act of DestinyQuest Infinite soon. Our build-your-own story software, StoryLab, just came out this month so everyone will be able to make their own gamebooks in it. (more here (http://ift.tt/1GGWYIz)

Did you change anything of the original DestinyQuest for the app?
For the most part, I wanted to keep the rules as is, since they were the most tested set. All the dice rules are the same; what we did was mainly making the app take care of all the housekeeping, and adding new pictures, descriptions, etc.
I’ve had suggestions from people who want to create version with modified rules, or create their own…I’d be interested in talking more about that (hint). Inline image 1

DestinyQuest is a series of different encounters. What is the process of turning an encounter into an app?
We’re at the point where a basic Choose Your Own Adventure style chapter is really easy to make – you just write it out and add the links between pages. Most of the work is in adding special abilities, which also gets easier with each one we do.
I’m really excited to share the process of how we made it – I’m hoping to put out some tutorials and more detailed videos soon.

What was your favourite part about turning DestinyQuest into an app?
Hard to say – there’s a point where, as a maker, everything clicks and suddenly it goes from a series of coding experiments to a game that I can just give to anyone, even if I don’t know them, and they can have fun playing it. That’s pretty satisfying.

Act 2 is currently out. When does Act 3 come out?
I don’t know for sure yet. But if you take when Act 2 came out and subtract it from the official launch, presumably that would give you some idea of when it might come out. Inline image 2

from Lloyd of Gamebooks http://ift.tt/1bCTngU


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