Advanced Fighting Fantasy branching out with pdfs and sci-fi (but only with your help)

Good news, everyone! Arion Games has released the Advanced Fighting Fantasy core rulebook as a PDF. You can get it for 14 USD (approximately £10) and their other AFF2 products should be out as
pdfs shortly.

Also, it is also running a kickstarter to get a sci-fi rulebook up called Stellar Adventures. Like all Arion games kickstarters, it is simple and has a realistic goal that. No calculating add ons, no weird stretch goals, just pick the type of format you want for the book and back it for that amout of money. Then, the book arrives. This is a winning formula that has worked for four other Arion Games products.

So head on over and support your Advanced Fighting Fantasy producers.

In other news there is a Way of hte Tiger Playthrough blog which is extremely entertaining. Check it out.

Also, check out this awesome blog of in depth gamebook analysis. Many nuggets of wisdom to be gained here.


from Lloyd of Gamebooks


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