Magic the Gathering Spells I would like to know if I were a wizard

If I were a fantasy wizard, I would like to know these ten spells above all others.  They will be extremely helpful in my magical adventures.

Ancestral Recall

First of all, I would use this spell to reveal to me the knowledge of the past.  With this spell, I could expand my magical power.

Lightning Bolt

Of course, I will come across some dangerous creatures so I will need this spell to make short work of them.


And this spell is just in case I come across several dangerous creatures at once, so I can take out several of them.


Some creatures are not dangerous, just annoying.  I will use this spell to send them back from whence they came so that I do not have to suffer their presence.

Pay no Head

If I come across a rival mage who has their own lightning bolts then this spell will protect me from them.


And this handy spell will protect me from less damaging but possibly more insidious spells.


Like this one.  If I come across a rival mage, then I might want to be pro active in removing dangerous spells from their mind.  I may also want to remove people’s memories of me in case I want to infiltrate a castle.

Desert Twister

If I just want something destroyed, I could harness this force of nature to crush anything I want.


Invisibility is handy in many situations. Hiding, sneaking, escaping.  This is a handy utility spell that can get me out of all kinds of sticky situations.


Sometimes travelling is a wonderful experience where you get to see magnificent panoramas.  Sometimes, it’s just a tedious chore and this is why teleportation is something that every self respecting wizard should know how to do.

So there we go.  What spells would you like to know to get you through your adventures?


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