Gamebook Related Links

Here is a list of gamebook related links for the active community of gamebook lovers out there.  It is by no means complete, but, instead it is a good starting point where you can find the most active gamebook communities.  For a complete list of gamebook links, visit the Gamebook Feed.

www.gamebooks.orgs – Run by Demien Katz, the most comprehensive list of gamebooks out there. – The home of the best gamebook fanzine around.

The Fighting Fantazine forums – Where you can find a great community of gamebook fans.

Titannica – The Fighting Fantasy wiki.

The Gamebooks Yahoo group

The Gamebooks Facebook group – A website that hosts the Arborell gamebooks and also the Windhammer gamebook competition. – A website that hosts many excellent fan made gamebooks and where the owner converts some of them into hyperlinked games.



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