The Lloyd of Gamebooks team

Lloyd of Gamebooks is not a solo effort.  There are plenty of wonderful gamebook people who contribute to this blog.  Check out their relevant pages:

David Walters

My writing tends to have a Far Eastern flavor, as I am fascinated by and drawn to the culture. I have traveled around many countries, including China, to further this, and have many contacts there in the Far East some of whom have proof read my novels.

Throughout my life I have had an interest in history, particularly military history and ancient history, which has certainly helped in research for my books.

My career has been varied, with the jobs ranging from government department work to working on a military base, to a financial auditor. Currently, I am involved in full time IT analyst work.

I am a husband and father, so time to write can be in short supply!

The Samurai’s Apprentice trilogy is now complete, but Kami will feature in a second trilogy called Samurai Master hopefully the first of which will be out this year. The Dragonwarrior trilogy is two thirds complete, and work has started on the third book there.

I am also currently a designer of the Way of the Tiger role playing game due out in 2013, adding my samurai and ninja expertise to the fantasy setting of Orb.

You can find David’s Amazon page here.

You can follow David on Twitter.

Paul Gresty

Justin McCormick

Born in Glasgow, Justin MacCormack lives on the South coast of England in the city of Portsmouth

with a collection of pet rats. His hobbies include alternative cinema, comic books, tabletop roleplaying games (in particular “Vampire: The Masquerade”) and photography.

The first book he ever bought was “Vault of the Vampire”, a Fighting Fantasy choose-your-own-adventure story which he saved up for two weeks to buy, at the age of seven. This resulted in him acquiring a keen interest in the dark side of narrative fiction. He has written an extensive collection of dark fantasy and horror fiction, and now intends to inflict it upon the general population.

Justin’s Amazon page is:

He can be contacted at and you can also like him on Facebook at

Paul Smith


I’m going to make this page look a lot more pretty soon.


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